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Adoption Process

Want to adopt? Get started here.

Important Notice About COVID-19 Coronavirus
In compliance with the Yolo County order directing individuals to shelter-in-place of residence, 3R Rescue has suspended all adoptions. You are welcome to submit an adoption application, but response times may be significantly delayed. We appreciate your understanding.


At 3R Rescue, we strive to find the best match between you and a new companion. Each dog in our care has a unique personality and individual needs, which we work to match with the routine and lifestyle of your family.

The general steps to adopting a 3R dog are outlined here, but sequence may vary occasionally.

  1. Complete our Online Adoption Application below.
  2. A representative from 3R Rescue will contact you to arrange a “Meet and Greet” between your dog of interest and your family members (including your canine companions.)
  3. A Home Check will be performed and references contacted (including your veterinarian) prior to adoption.
  4. Review the dog’s Going Home Packet, sign our Adoption Agreement and pay the Adoption Donation.
  5. Your new companion will be placed in your care!

The Adoption Donation is typically $250. This helps 3R Rescue with costs such as spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, required veterinary care, food and shelter, as well as any other expenses needed to properly care for dogs prior to adoption. Military/veteran and senior citizen adoption discounts may be available.   

Prefer pen & paper?
Download a paper application here.

3R Adoption Application

Adopter Information
State Driver License #
You are
The following (3) fields are required if you are married or living with a domestic partner.
Do other people live in the residence?
The following is required if you live with other people in the residence.
I live in a
The following is required if you live in a Condo or Apartment.
Is the residence address listed above the location where your new dog will be living?
Do you own or rent?
The following (3) questions are required if you rent your home
Is your landlord aware that you may be adopting a dog, and have they approved?
Dog-Specific Information
Are you interested in a specific 3R dog?
The following (2) fields are required if you are interested in a specific 3R dog.
You would like a dog that is:
Are you familiar with the(se) breed(s)?
What approximate size(s) interest(s) you?
What approximate size(s) interest(s) you?
What coat types are acceptable?
Have you ever owned a dog before?
What happened to the dog?
The following is required if you have owned a dog.
Below, list all current pets including breed/age/gender:
Are ALL of your current pets spayed/neutered?
If you answered "no" to the previous question, the following field is required.
Training & Care
What is your household activity level?
Where will your dog stay during the day?
Where will your dog stay at night?
Do you have a yard?
The following (4) questions are required if you have a yard.
Is it completely fenced?
If yes, please select all that apply:
Note: Fencing must be secure at the bottom so a dog cannot dig out, scoot under or get caught.
Will you be able to keep your dog socialized through exposure to other socialized dogs?
Have you ever taken a dog to an obedience class?
The following (2) fields are required if you have taken your dog to an obedience class.
Are you willing to keep the dog for at least 3 months in order to provide time for you, your family, and the dog to adjust to the new situation?
May we contact your veterinarian for a reference?
The following field is required if we are not allowed to contact your veterinarian.
Please supply 2 credible, non-family member references below:
May we contact you via email about special events or updates? 3R Rescue will never share/sell our email list.
Acknowledgement of Responsibility

Adopting a dog is a tremendous responsibility. You will be sharing your life with this dog for up to 15 years or more, and during this time the dog will be completely dependent on you for food, shelter, cleanup, and veterinary care.

Please initial each of the statements below indicating you accept them.
I/We certify that all information provided in this application is true, and I/we understand that false information may void this application.