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Become a Volunteer

Want to make an impact in the lives of rescued dogs? Find out how to Join the Pack!

Important Announcement - Please read before proceeding! 
While we're very grateful for your interest 3R Rescue, we are not accepting any new volunteers at this time. We encourage you to check back periodically. 

3R Volunteer Application

Applicant Information
Preferred Method of contact above:
What are you interested in doing to assist?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?


If you are working for community service hours or a school project let us know so we can confirm that we are able to track hours for you.

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Parent or guardian signature needed for volunteers between the age of 12 and 17 years old. Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. I understand and agree that I am volunteering my time, skills and efforts without compensation from 3R Rescue. I understand and agree that in performing the voluntary service described above I am not, nor am I acting as, an employee of 3R Rescue. I fully understand that as a part of my volunteer work for 3R Rescue, I will come into contact with animals either by directly handling them, fostering or through assisting in their care and adoption. Further, I understand that working with animals carries a risk of injury, and that it is possible that I may be bitten, scratched, and/or otherwise injured. I will hold harmless and release 3R Rescue from all liability in connection with any injury incurred or damages related to my volunteer activity.

By typing your name here you are agreeing to the above information and the conditions of this volunteer application.


As a participant in the volunteer program, I have now become a representative and a community role model for 3R Rescue. To meet my obligations as a shelter representative and a role model, I accept and will adhere to each of the following:

Please check each box after reading and agreeing to each statement .
As A Role Model:
I, the undersigned, state that the foregoing statements are true at this time and agree that I shall adhere to these standards throughout the course of my volunteer assignment.