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3R Rescue is fortunate to have the support of subject matter experts and industry professionals that share in our passion for animal welfare. Meet our advisory partners below.

  • Jeannine Berger: DVM, DACVB, DACAW, CAWA
    Jeannine Berger: DVM, DACVB, DACAW, CAWA

    Dr. Berger first obtained her veterinary degree in 1991 in Zurich, Switzerland. She moved to Davis, California in 1998, where she completed her residency in veterinary behavior and attained board certification with the American College for Veterinary Behaviorists from UC Davis in 2007. In 2014, she attained board certification from the American College of Animal Welfare. Since 2011, Dr. Berger has overseen all aspects of clinical behavior programs at the SF SPCA. In 2016, she became the Society's Vice President of Rescue and Welfare. Dr. Berger and her life partner Jeff live in Vacaville, CA with their dogs, cats, horses, sheep and chickens. Her hobbies include trail riding, hiking, skiing, and (red) wine tasting.

  • Cayce Wallace: Professional Trainer
    Cayce Wallace: Professional Trainer

    Current owner of Laughing Dogs Academy in Davis, CA. Trainer/teacher since 1992. Cayce Wallace wants to help dog owners learn to have dogs that are eager to learn and listen! Her philosophy is based on improving the communication between owner and dog by learning to identify and understand behavior, then by teaching them what you want them to do. The training method uses positive motivation and shaping behavior with fun games and clear communication. All dogs have the potential to become great companions if they are given the chance to learn what we expect from them and are trained in respectful ways. Training through play makes learning commands super easy. Leash work teaches your dogs to be safe off leash dogs and under voice control at all times! She wants owners to have the very best companion so they will bring their dogs along! Adventure life with your dog, it makes it so much more fun!
    Photo Credit for Sunset Dog Walk (above): Laughing Dogs Academy

  • Nancy L. Martin: NS, DVM, CVA
    Nancy L. Martin: NS, DVM, CVA

    Dr. Martin obtained her B.S. in Animal Science in 1981 from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California. While completing a Master's Degree in Domestic Animal Behavior at UC Davis, Dr. Martin managed the university's beef research herd for four years, then went on to finish a DVM at UC Davis in 1991. She has practiced rural mixed animal medicine for 25 years in Northern California. Her practice has been integrative since receiving her Certification in Veterinary Acupuncture in 2008 with IVAS. Dr. Martin is considered a specialist in herd animal management and disease prevention.