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The 3R Rescue Mission

Our mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome animals in need of a second chance. They are provided medical care, quality nutrition, training and the opportunity to relax and socialize in a home environment, enabling them to become ‘good citizens’ in their new lives.

Take a Glimpse into 3R Rescue

Learn more about our life-saving efforts in this touching video, which was produced for our inaugural fundraising gala in 2017.

Interested in Volunteering?

There's nothing like the feeling of helping animals in need. Find out the various ways volunteers support our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome deserving dogs. Learn how to Join the Pack here!

Adoption Success Stories

Ike’s Success Story
Rescue: Little Ike was found wandering the streets of Winters. He was thin, full of fleas and ticks and his coat was badly matted. He was very fearful and shook when we picked him up.

Rehab: When Ike got to 3R, he was slowly introduced to new people, places, and sounds. Diet was especially important for this little guy who was about 4 lbs. He received a custom raw diet and high-quality supplements. He became more trusting, and enjoyed the attention given to him by volunteers. He also made some new canine friends. Ike started going to small dog class every week and learned basic commands.

Rehome: From Ike’s Adopter - He is a sweetie pie as he always has been, and his confidence has really blossomed. One of my favorite things is seeing him be a silly dog racing around the lawn and chasing toys. I am so thrilled to have him and thank you all for all of your work rescuing and working with him and the other 3R dogs.

Elle’s Success Story
Rescue: Elle (aka Indie) came from a rural shelter with several other dogs. Her behavioral problems made her a difficult dog to handle and marked her as unadoptable at that shelter. Her only chance was to come to a place that would give her the extra time, care, and attention she needed.

Rehab: Indie was a reactive dog when she first got to 3R. It took several months of training with multiple trainers to help her gain confidence and learn basic manners around other dogs. With the dedication of several volunteers, she mastered many basic obedience commands and even learned how to play Frisbee and became a ball fetching maniac! This solid foundation and her very loving and loyal personality enabled her to be ready for a new forever home.

Rehome: From Indie’s Adopter - She’s so affectionate.. all morning has been playing and cuddling. She’s doing great… Indie has been behaving so so well. There is nothing bad to report… Thank you so much for all your hard work! We’re headed for a Frisbee errand :)

Luna’s Success Story
Rescue: Luna, her litter mates, and her mom were saved from the ‘kill room’ at a high kill shelter. They were found laying on a cold concrete floor. Only a couple weeks old, the 5 pups needed lots of care and attention that couldn’t be provided at this shelter. They needed some place that had the time, space, and volunteers to take care of them.

Rehab: A lot of work goes into caring for 5 pups! A few tasks done with Luna and her litter mates include monitoring health, cleaning the kennel (multiple times per day), feeding mom enough to keep up with growing babies, wearing and feeding 5 hungry bellies, performing puppy socialization protocols daily, and teaching each one basic obedience. Luna (and her siblings) turned into wonderful, playful pups!

Rehome: From Luna’s Adopter - I can't believe it's been three months and I also can't imagine life without our sweet Luna. She is the smartest dog we've ever had! I think she actually understands English… She has become best friends with our 90 lb. lab and it's so fun to watch them playing together… We absolutely love her to death! Thank you so much for rescuing her and starting her life out right!!