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Mission & History

Mission Statement

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals in need of a second chance. They are provided medical care, quality nutrition, training, and the opportunity to relax and socialize in a home environment, enabling them to become ‘good citizens’ in their new lives.


3R Rescue was officially founded in 2012 by Linda Palagi Lynn and Jack Lynn in Winters, California. Both are longtime animal lovers, rescue advocates and supporters of other successful rescue organizations. Over the last 25 years, Linda and Jack have personally rescued and rehabilitated dogs, cats, chickens, horses and other animals, bringing them into their home and into their hearts.

Most of the animals from the Lynns’ early rescue days had checkered pasts, including abandonment, neglect and abuse. Despite mistreatment, many of them still had loving dispositions and just needed a second chance. They have also taken in traumatized animals considered ‘unadoptable’ by shelters because of behavior problems. Given the opportunity to adjust and trust, rescued animals are able to show their wonderful and unique personalities.

In the years since our founding, 3R Rescue has established a network of individuals who share a passion for our mission. Through the dedication of volunteers, adopters, donors and partnering organizations, 3R has saved over 480 dogs needing a second chance at life.


If you share in this passion, find out How to Help or Donate today.