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Community Outreach

Engaging the community matters to us.

Much of the support we receive at 3R Rescue comes directly from our local and surrounding communities of Winters and Davis, California. To show our gratitude, we strive to create engaging opportunities for nearby supporters and give back when we can.

Youth Engagement

3R Rescue strongly values our relationship with high school and middle school students in our community.  Our initiatives encourage empathy for animals, increase understanding of canine behavior/body language and raise awareness about the importance of spay/neuter.

  • High School Capstone Projects
  • Red Rover Reading Program Members
  • Winters Youth Day Participants

University Student Outreach

3R Rescue shares a close relationship with the college students at UC Davis. Since our founding in 2012, hundreds of students from the vet medicine and animal science programs have obtained valuable, hands-on experience as 3R volunteers. From animal handling, caretaking and training to facility maintenance and animal recordkeeping, students enjoy applying their studies in a real-world setting they are passionate about. 3R also has periodic internships available that offer university students a deeper glimpse into rescue operations and networking opportunities with respected industry professionals that partner with us. See what UC Davis students are saying about 3R Rescue.

Mutt Strut: Downtown Dog Walking

There is a buzz spreading around the town of Winters about 3R Rescue’s new Mutt Strut program. 3R Rescue will partner with local businesses and residents, including our active senior citizens, who will have the opportunity socialize our adoptable dogs on downtown dog walks and get some exercise in the process. Standby for more information on this exciting program!

Want to Get Involved?

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