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Success Stories

Cooper Found a loving home

This is the story of Cooper a 4 year old Corgi-cross. Cooper and his two friends Trixie and Tracy were surrendered to a local shelter when their owner passed away. We rescued all three. Trixie and Tracy were adopted fairly quickly. Cooper became depressed and withdrawn. One day a lady called to inquire about a little mini-doxie named Tara that I had available. They came with their 9yr old grand-daughter to look at her. We sat on the deck to visit. Tara turned out to be too small. While we were sitting and chatting my husband brought Cooper out to play with Tara.

We started to discuss what kind of dog they were looking for. Cooper didn’t fit the description. Within minutes Cooper leaped on to Rochelle’s lap. She thought he was bigger than she was looking for. We got him down and immediately he jumped up again. Her husband said “He’s picked you.” Again we pulled him down but Cooper wasn’t going to give up. He played with their granddaughter for a while. Then Elliott held him for a while. When he got down he immediately went over to Rochelle again and jumped up. This time he lay down and looked up at her with his sad brown eyes. With caution in her voice she said maybe we’ll give him a try. Cooper, Elliott and their wonderful granddaughter were already convinced that it was a good fit. They just had to convince her. That was last summer.

Now some words from Cooper’s family

"He’s (Cooper) so happy and we are just as happy. He’s such a blessing! He makes laugh every day. We want to say “Thank You”! so much for the work you do. Keep it up! You will make a lot of people as happy as you’ve made us!"

Rochelle and Elliott: Thanks for giving Cooper a great home and thanks for the donation!!

Cooper: Love the pictures. Let me tell you, it doesn’t get any better than this!!