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Success Stories

Foxy Roxy’s Story

This is one of those amazing stories that will melt your heart. I wish I could say that 3R had a lot to do with it but the fact is that we are stepping in now to help when most of the heavy lifting has been done. It started back in February this year when Lynn (now our adoption coordinator) received a call from a shelter contact who said that they needed her help.

Foxy Roxy (a Chihuahua/Australian Cattle dog blend) came to the shelter as a very young pup with her mother. They were fortunate enough to be put in foster care until Roxy was old enough to be posted for adoption. Then something horrible happened. She was accidentally dropped and both her front legs were badly fractured. After reviewing x-rays it was recommended that she should be euthanized. Everyone at the shelter refused to give up. So when Lynn agreed to help, the wonderful shelter staff and the veterinarian put the casts on her tiny little legs and wrapped her up to go home.

So their journey began. Roxy spent every day for 8 weeks in a sling with Lynn packing her around. The casts and bandages had to be changed every other day to let them air out and avoid infection. It never left Lynn’s mind that this would be a tough adoption: healthy Chihuahuas filled the shelter and here was a girl with two damaged legs. But Lynn couldn’t give up. She held the knowledge in her heart that she was doing the right thing.

Fast forward – 4 months later – This amazing little lady is out of her casts and walking again. The front legs are slightly shorter than the back because of the casts not enabling the front legs to grow during this critical puppy time but that doesn’t stop this little one from getting around.

A New Forever Home for Foxy Roxy

Now the story of the woman who wants to give Roxy a ‘Forever’ Home – How Lucky is this!!

Cheryl and Lynn have been friends since high school. Even when Cheryl moved to Kansas they still kept in touch. Cheryl followed the story of Foxy Roxy on Lynn’s Facebook page and cheered her on for the great deed she was doing. During Foxy’s recovery period Cheryl was having her own struggles. She lost her best canine friend of many years (Mocha Lou) to stomach cancer. At the same time Cheryl was having her own health issues and eventually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and is confined to a wheelchair for now. In spite of all of this Cheryl would love to give Roxy her forever home including the continued medical care she needs.

The saying “It takes a village” certainly applies here. Up to now Lynn has covered all Foxy Roxy’s medical expenses. When I heard this story I asked what 3R could do to help. Because we are a very young organization we do not have an established medical fund. However, what we do have are wonderful supporters. We are asking you for donations to cover some of the remaining medical bills and Roxy’s transportation to her new home. We need $400. Cheryl and Roxy deserve to be together and YOU can make it happen by donating even a small amount.

Consider this – skip one Starbuck’s stop this week, or fast food run or that sale at Macy’s to help little Roxy.

Watch the progress of the Foxy Roxy Fund on our website. We will report back.

To contribute please use the form at the top of this page or send a check to:

3R Rescue PO Box 608,

Winters, CA 95694.

Should excess funds be donated, 100% of excess funds collected will be used for medical needs for future 3R dogs.