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Success Stories


Almost from day 1, Teddy has fit in with the family. He is best friends with Max (3 year terrier mix/rescue). They chase each other, wrestle and hang out together all the time. Teddy has been on 2 airline trips to Corpus Christi and has done just great. Of course, we carry him on the plane with us so there are no worries there! Teddy loves the weather down here in Texas; our house is on a canal so he is slowly getting used to the water. We took him to the beach this last week and he had a grand time chasing the birds. He really is such a sweet little boy; you can definitely tell he was loved from the very beginning of his life. We consider ourselves so fortunate to have Teddy as a member of our family.

Oh yeah…forgot to tell you,Teddy is now a Golden Warriors fan